Wanted Episode 1-16

Wanted Episode 1-16

Download Drama Korea Wanted Episode 1-16 English Subtitle IndonesiaWanted / Wontideu / The Reality Show — Wanted / 원티드 is a 2016 South Korean Drama TV Series Directed Park Yong-Soon, Script Writen by Han Ji-Wan. The Drama Starring by Kim A-Joong, Ji Hyun-Woo, Uhm Tae-Woong, Park Hae-Joon, Jun Hyo-Seong. Aired 16 Episodes on SBS every Wednesday. & Thusday. 22:00 since June 22 – August 11, 2016. takes over the previously slot ‘Entertainer’ and and followed by “Jealousy Incarnate” on August, 2016.

Download Wanted Korean drama

Download Wanted (Korean Drama) Episode 1-16 Eng Sub Indo

Drama: Wanted (working title)
Revised romanization: Wontideu
Previously known as: The Reality Show — Wanted
Hangul: 원티드
Genre: Thriller
Director: Park Yong-Soon
Writer: Han Ji-Wan
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16 ((To Be Confirmed))
Release Date: June 22 – August 11, 2016
Runtime: Wednesday. & Thusday. 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

The last SBS thriller about a mother looking for her child left audiences divided on the ending, but “Wanted” is here as a possible re-do for those who loved the general premise of the aforementioned “God’s Gift – 14 Days”. The latest drama certain has a lot going for it, but there are some production issues which might cause problems. Let us take a first look on what we have of it so far.

Rookie Writer – In addition to the time constrictions, “Wanted” is faced with the inexperience of writer Han Ji-wan-I, who is a fresh face in Dramaland. A challenging genre being handled on such a restricting schedule might prove too much for someone who has not yet become accustomed to an industry’s production practices and conditions. Let us hope his talent and adapting skills can overcome this.

Exciting Premise – A thriller handling the topic of kidnapping is pretty standard fare and Korea’s own “Seven Days” features the same concept of a female lead receiving demands related to her work. Despite its lack of originality, such a story resonates with audiences, because we can empathize with someone who is worried over and protective of their loved ones.

Rushed Production – A rushed filming schedule is a typical day in the world of Korean drama, but when the series in question is a suspense thriller with mystery involved, last minute production can prove catastrophic. Writing flawless logic and weaving complex story threads into such a plot is challenging, doing so almost live seems impossible.

Synopsis Plot Wanted (2016)

This drama is about an actress whose her son gets kidnapped, and in order to save him, she has to complete all sorts of tasks during a live broadcast of a reality show. Jung Hye In (Kim Ah Joong) is a top actress in Chungmuro who’s acknowledged for being a box-office guarantee. But she’s described as someone who has to act even in her everyday life. When her son gets taken, she’ll stop at nothing to find him, and follows the kidnapper’s orders to go on a TV show, where she’ll complete missions at the kidnapper’s mercy while the whole country watches.

Star Cast

Great Cast – Casting by popularity is common practice, which makes it all the more fortunate when a capable cast is created. The three leads here have proven they can tackle different genres and they are not afraid to challenge themselves. The supporting cast is also looking pretty good here and this means capable guiding hands can get a lot out of it.

  • Kim Ah Joong as Jung Hye In
  • Ji Hyun Woo as Cha Seung In
  • Uhm Tae Woong as Shin Dong Wook
  • Park Hae Joon as Song Jung Ho
  • Lee Moon Shik as Choi Joon Goo
  • Park Hyo Joo as Yeon Woo Shin
  • Jun Hyo Sung as Park Bo Yun
  • ?? as Jung Yoo Chul
  • Shin Jae ha as Lee Yeong Kwan
  • Kim Sun Young as Oh Mi Ok
  • Bae Yoo Ram as Kwon Kyeong Hoon
  • Lee Seung Joon as Jang Jin Woong
  • Park Min Soo as Song Hyun Woo (Jung Hye In’s son)

Download Korean Drama Wanted Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 END Eng Sub Indo

Final Thoughts – A lot of dramas start off with shaky production and new talent, but it will take a lot of love and help from more experienced production crew to get a series like “Wanted” rolling properly. Assuming those challenges can be overcome, there is no reason why this cannot be a great thriller.

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