Tokyo Yamimushi: 2nd Scenario – Pandora (2015)

Tokyo Yamimushi: 2nd Scenario – Pandora (2015)

Download Film Live-Action Tokyo Yamimushi: 2nd Scenario – Pandora (2015) English Subtitle Indonesia – Honda launched Tokyo Yamimushi -2nd Scenario- Pandora in Young Animal in 2013, and Hakusensha published the sixth compiled book volume (pictured at left) in July 2015. The seventh volume is slated for February 29.

Tokyo Yamimushi: 2nd Scenario – Pandora (2015) poster

Tokyo Yamimushi 2nd Scenario – Pandora (2015) Live-Action Movie

Movie Title: Tokyo Yamimushi: 2nd Scenario – Pandora
Romaji: Tokyo Yamimushi Pandora
Japanese: 東京闇虫パンドラ
Director: Sakichi Sato
Writer: Sakichi Sato
Cinematographer: Akio Nakai
Release Date: April 4, 2015
Runtime: 91 min.
Genre: Suspense-Thriller
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Synopsis & Cast

Download Japanese Movie Tokyo Yamimushi: 2nd Scenario – Pandora (2015) Eng Sub Indo – Tokyo Yamimushi: 2nd Scenario – Pandora This year’s second issue of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine (cover shown right) revealed on Friday that Yuuki Honda is ending the Tokyo Yamimushi -2nd Scenario- Pandora sequel manga in the magazine’s next issue, which Hakusensha will publish on January 22. The final chapter will have a color opening page.

The story of the sequel manga revolves around Kō Nonomiya, a respectable, upstanding salaryman. One night, his subordinate Naoki Takahashi brings him to a cafe where Nonomiya becomes the victim of an outrageous ripoff. Nonomiya then meets Asamura, a debt collector who lives in Tokyo’s darker recesses, and the salaryman comes face-to-face with the hidden, crime-ridden underworld of the metropolis.

  • Ai Shinozaki – Yui Onizuka
  • Tetsuya Makita – Takashi Nonomiya
  • Kyosuke Yabe – Sabata
  • Haruka Momokawa – Nanase
  • Kosuke Toyohara – Asamura
  • Ayaka Takezaki – Tsugumi

Download Movie Tokyo Yamimushi 2nd Scenarion – Pandora (2015) English Subtitle Indonesia

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This Movie Based on the manga series “Tokyo Yamimushi: 2nd Scenario – Pandora” by Yuuki Honda (first published April 26, 2013 by Hakusensha, Inc.).

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