Shockwave Darkside (2016)

Shockwave Darkside (2016)

Download Movie Film Shockwave Darkside 2015 DVDRip 720p MKV Subtitle

Download Shockwave Darkside (2016) DVDRip Subtitle
Movie Name: Shockwave Darkside
Rating: 2.4/10 from 154
Genres:Action | Sci-Fi
Country: Germany | USA
Language: English
Release Date: 22 August 2014 (UK)
Director: Jay Weisman
Writer: Jay Weisman
Stars: Mei Melançon, Bill Sage, Sonequa Martin-Green
Duration: 90
Minutes Size: 591MB


It is the last, great war. Out of the wreckage of a troop transport, five soldiers on the way to battle find themselves stranded on the dark side of the moon. Cut off and behind enemy lines, they start a dangerous journey through snipers and minefields back to their home territory. As their numbers dwindle and nerves fray, they make an amazing discovery about the moon that just might save their lives.

Reviews: I caught a screening of this film in NYC prior to the Fright Fest debut. It’s actually a brilliant reflection of the current state of global affairs with regards to war and religion… driven at the end of the day by resources disguised as fanaticism. The storyline mirrors what is happening right now in places like the Middle East, Russia, Africa — timely is too passive of a word. It is funny how US audiences are responding more favorably to that message. Especially in NY. (I know we screened a stone’s throw from the September 11th attack site — now the Freedom Tower. Chilling.)
This is the type of film that slashes the moral mind — not a scantly clad actress’ left breast. Not the best thrill for a horror film festival crowd. A great film for a crowd tired of the Hollywood Marvel Comics machine! In any event, here is a review by an acclaimed, published, British writer.

Download Shockwave Darkside (2016) DVDRip 720p Subtitle

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