Ninja The Monster (2016)

Ninja The Monster (2016)

Download Movie Ninja The Monster (2016) English Subtitle Indonesia is A Japanese Action Movies Starring By Aoi Morikawa, Dean Fujioka, Soko Wada, Rantaro Mine, Directed by Ken Ochiai and Story was Writen by Akihiro Dobashi. The Movie Was Released on February 20, 2016 Distributed By Shochiku

The shogunate announced “ninja prohibition order”. Gohime (Aoi Morikawa) and her party travel to Edo to ask for Nagano han’s relief. Denzo (Dean Fujioka) is a former ninja, with a mysterious past, now travelling with Gohime’s party as security. While in the mountain, their group is attacked by a monster. Only Gohime and Denzo survive. Denzo aims to protect Gohime from the monster, but they also develop feelings for each other.

Movie Information

Movie Title: Ninja The Monster (2016)
Romaji: Ninja The Monster
Japanese: Ninja The Monster
Director: Ken Ochiai
Writer: Akihiro Dobashi
Producer: Shuhei Akita
Cinematographer: Chris Freilich
Release Date: February 20, 2016
Runtime: 84 min.
Genre: Action
Distributor: Shochiku
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

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