[Mini Album] TaeYeon (Girls Generation) – I (Vol.1) Mp3 Full

[Mini Album] TaeYeon (Girls Generation) – I (Vol.1) Mp3 Full

Download Album Taeyeon Girls Generation I Mp3 – Famed for her voice as well as her beauty, Girls’ Generation leader Taeyon debuts as a solo artist at long last. Fans have been waiting for this for a while! Her new mini-album consists of six tracks, including her self-penned title song “I” featuring rapper Verbal Jint.

Download Full Album Taeyeon I 1st Mini Album SNSD Girls Generation Mp3

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) – I – ‘The 1st Mini Album’
Artist: Taeyeon (태연) [Girls’ Generation / SNSD]
Release Date: 2015.10.07
Genre: Ballad, R&B / Soul, Rock
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps – 128kbps

Track List:
01. I (Feat. 버벌진트)
02. U R
03. 쌍둥이자리 (Gemini)
04. 스트레스 (Stress)
05. 먼저 말해줘 (Farewell)
06. I (Inst.)

Download Full Mini Album Taeyeon I Mp3

Sweeping and anthemic, “I” is a fantastic tune. It’s largely acoustic with Taeyeon ‘s voice featuring as the main attraction. Verbal Jint has his spot early on, and in another section, he raps the lyrics simultaneously as she sings, giving the tune even more depth. Her voice is used extremely well here, soaring all over the track. The song is about living well despite obstacles.
» 태연(Taeyeon) – I (Feat. Verbal Jint).mp3

U R” is a ballad that showcases Taeyeon ‘s ability nicely as her voice rises to eclipse the instrumentation. The production they threw at the later parts of the song serves to enhance the effect. She really lays bare the emotion as her vocals crescendo. The song itself is an ode to a lover.
» 태연(Taeyeon) – U R.mp3

Gemini” is stylistically different from “U R,” her voice more measured. It’s still a slower song, but with gentle claps and a medium tempo. The vocals range from sweet to strong when appropriate, and it’s got a nice, singable hook: “Come to me baby / Come come to me baby.” The lyrics are tender, and speak of being together.
» 태연(Taeyeon) – Gemini (쌍둥이자리).mp3

Stress” is the high-tempo tune on the Mini Album with a pounding drum and insistent piano riff. The way she wraps her voice around the verses is breathless with some nice belts during the chorus. The song itself is awesome, about a bad guy that she just can’t resist, and it freaks her out.
» 태연(Taeyeon) – Stress (스트레스).mp3

Farewell” a sweetly-sung ballad, reminding me a lot of a lullaby. The lyrics are about a breakup, but they’re a little different from the standard. She asks “Are people who walk alone like me?” and suggests that “maybe I should have shown you my shabby self first.”
» 태연(Taeyeon) – Farewell (먼저 말해줘).mp3

Music Video

She’s in Auckland, New Zealand in the Portland Public House as a waitress. You don’t see as much of that as you do the New Zealand landscape, which is painted in various shades of green and glorious to behold. As she stands in a field, the wind whips at her hair and she simply looks radiant. There’s even a tad bit of plot, as she considers what’s important in life and figures out that it’s her freedom and dignity.

The costuming here is interesting and mostly appropriate. Far from sticking her in revealing clothing, she’s garbed in sundress and sweater, and, at times, in turtleneck and cloak, and, of course, her waitress outfit.

The acting is pretty well spot on. She sports a grin through much of it (except at the pub), and her expression is warm and inviting most of the time. There are times where she’s taking in the scenery with a contemplative resting face.

The visuals are intense and grandiose, with sea cliffs, sheep running across a field, winding country highways, wet moors, and gently rolling hills. There’s a quiet majesty to it all that is quite captivating, and you can practically hear the song echoing through the valleys there.

Overall, this MV is a pleasure to watch. There’s no cheap tricks here, no obvious cut corners, just an epic show married to an equally epic track, and a lovely young woman at the center of it all.
⋆⋆ [MV] 태연 (Taeyeon ) – I.mp4

This is a strong, mature debut. The tunes are a bit different than I’ve heard before; there are some songs with a unique structure, and, in some cases, the lyrics are not quite what you’d expect. Throughout the Mini Album Taeyeon I, word choice is evocative, which is just icing on the cake: her voice tells you exactly how she’s feeling. Her songwriting talents are terrific — the title track tells you that much. Taeyeon just crushes it here, which is lucky for us fans.

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