[Mini Album] SONAMOO –  CUSHION (Mp3)

[Mini Album] SONAMOO – CUSHION (Mp3)

Download Mini Album SONAMOO Cushion – Girl group SONAMOO has released the music video for their second mini album “Cushion.”
SONAMOO worked with producer EastWest and rapper WuNo for “Cushion,” the title song of the album of the same name. The music video is the work of Zanybros ‘s Hong Won Ki .

Download Sonamoo Cushion mp3 full mini album mv mp4

SONAMOO was one of last year’s most hyped rookie group’s and also one of the biggest failures. Netizens made fun of their name (it literally means ‘Pine Tree’ in Korean), they pissed off SHINee stans for stealing the group’s light stick colour , their debut single “Deja Vu” didn’t make the Gaon chart, and the kids on Pann didn’t even mention SONAMOO when discussing the new rookie groups .

Now they’re back with a new single “Cushion,” and it’s exactly what they should’ve debuted with. It’s got everything–it’s cute, sexy, fun, and fierce all in one, and best of all, it’s fresh, despite sounding a little like “Ice Cream Cake.”

Newcomers EastWest are behind the production, who are a new team under frequent TS collaborators Duble Sidekick . As far as I know, EastWest’s only other song is a duet from Shannon and rapper Yook Ji Dam (although they contributed to “Ring My Bell” along with a bunch of other people), which makes “Cushion” their first big idol single. It’s so good that I’m already anticipating what they’ll bring next and crossing my fingers that they’ll work with SECRET.

Artist: SONAMOO (소나무)
Release Date: 2015.07.20
Genre: Rap / Hip-hop
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps – 128kbps

Track List:
01. 소나무 (SONAMOO) – CUSHION.mp3
02. 소나무 (SONAMOO) – Round N Round (빙그르르).mp3
03. 소나무 (SONAMOO) – Deeply Love (깊어).mp3
04. 소나무 (SONAMOO) – OK.mp3
05. 소나무 (SONAMOO) – Liar (다 거짓말).mp3
06. 소나무 (SONAMOO) – Lets Make A Movie (상영시간 무한대).mp3

Download Album SONAMOO – CUSHION MP3

+ 소나무 (SONAMOO) – CUSHION.mp3
+ 소나무 (SONAMOO) – Round N Round (빙그르르).mp3
+ 소나무 (SONAMOO) – Deeply Love (깊어).mp3
+ 소나무 (SONAMOO) – OK.mp3
+ 소나무 (SONAMOO) – Liar (다 거짓말).mp3
+ 소나무 (SONAMOO) – Lets Make A Movie (상영시간 무한대).mp3
++ Music Video -> [MV] SONAMOO – CUSHION.Mp4

Their agency TS Entertainment has commented, “At first we had a hip hop concept ‘Old School,’ but this album’s concept is ‘Future School.’ We aspire to portray forward-oriented, trendy music and styling.”

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