[Mini Album] IU – CHAT-SHIRE (Mp3 Full)

[Mini Album] IU – CHAT-SHIRE (Mp3 Full)

Download Mini Album IU CHAT-SHIRE Mp3 – After a long wait, IU finally returns with an advanced Christmas treat for every uaena in the world with her 4th mini-album “CHAT-SHIRE,” and uploaded a teaser photo through her different social media accounts such as Facebook on October 12.

IU glares back at us as if she’s the human version of the Cheshire Cat from Disney ‘s animated film “Alice in Wonderland.” Wrapped with purple ribbon, wearing a comfortable wool sweater, acting like a cute cat, with those mesmerizing brown and blue eyes, we could tell that this mini-album will have another unique, one of a kind and fantasy-like concept.

Mini Album IU Chat-Shire Mp3 Full Download

[Mini Album] IU – CHAT-SHIRE (Mp3)
Artist: IU (아이유)
Release Date: 2015.10.23
Genre: Dance
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps // 128kbps HQ

IU is back with “Twenty-three,” which will get you up on your feet to dance with her! Although she’s been mostly active in the indie sphere as of late with guitar-laden, sweetly sung tracks, she has returned with a catchy dance track! She’s as lovable and cute as ever as she talks about being twenty three.

Track List:
01. 새 신발 (Shoes)
02. Zeze
03. 스물셋 (Twenty-three) *title track
04. 푸르던
05. Red Queen (Feat. Zion.T)
06. 무릎
07. 안경
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Download Album IU CHAT-SHIRE Mp3

Shoes” – This feel good walk-in-the-park song starts off with beautiful adlibs. A solid sweet song.
IU – Shoes (새 신발).mp3

Zeze” – Oh man now this song… stop right now, go listen to the first 10 seconds of the song, and tell me what the intro reminds you of. Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again anyone? The 4 Britney beats make this song really catchy and new combined with the jazz feel of this song. One of my favorites from this album.
IU – Zezé.mp3

Twenty-Three” – This song makes you want to shake your head along with the lyrics. Another great feel good and fun song.
IU – Twenty-Three (스물셋).mp3

The Shower” – This song is my favorite from the entire album because I love ballads. IU’s voice is so angelic, making this song like a lullaby. The chorus is beautiful and catchy.
IU – The Shower (푸르던).mp3

Red Queen ft. Zion.T” – IU + Zion. T? YES PLEASE. When I saw that he was featuring, my heart skipped a couple of beats. This song is very jazzy and fun.
IU – Red Queen (feat. Zion.T).mp3

Knee” – My second favorite song from the album; yes it’s a ballad. This one’s definitely slower than The Shower. I haven’t read the translations yet, but this song definitely exudes a more serious and sadder vibe.
IU – Knee (무릎).mp3

Glasses” – Last but certainly not least, Glasses. The melody of this song is so good. The way she drags her words in the beginning is so good. Another jazzy song reminiscent of France but at the same time, it’s indie. The chorus of this song is kind of unexpected in the best way possible. Another big favorite of mine from this album.
IU – Glasses (안경).mp3

Music Video MV

IU has shared a cute and fun music video for her catchy track “Twenty-Three” off her new mini album!

The video features IU traveling through a Wonderland-like world as she goes back and forth between just what kind of grown-up she wants to be, now that she’s 23 years old (in Korean reckoning).
☀☀ [MV] 아이유(IU) – Twenty-three(스물셋).mp4

IU has previously announced that she will not be performing on music shows for this mini album . However, fans will get to hear the songs at other performances, and at her solo concerts on November 21 and 22 in Seoul.

I’ve added some of my favorites from this album to my October Playlist, so visit the side bar to hear these tracks! Which tracks were your favorites? Let me know by commenting below!
Track Review by – https://thestylecoordi.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/iu-chat-shire-album-review/

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