[Full Album] Girls Generation (SNSD) – LION HEART (MP3)

[Full Album] Girls Generation (SNSD) – LION HEART (MP3)

Download Album Girls’ Generation SNSD Lion Heart Mp3 It’s been just a month since Girls’ Generation’s Party,” and now we have a full fifth album from the girls — in a sense. The album is a two-parter, with ‘Lion Heart’ released first, and ‘You Think’ the following day. Each has 5 songs as well as the title track. Not all the tracks are brand spanking new, though; this disc contains their last single “PARTY.” The songs are numbered according to where they appear on the album. Trust me, they’re not just random tracks that I plucked out of the aether.

Full Album SNSD Girls Generation Lion Heart Mp3

Girls’ Generation – Lion Heart – The 5th Album
Artist: Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) [SNSD]
Release Date: 2015.08.18
Genre: Dance, Ballad, R&B / Soul, Kpop
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Track List:

  • 01. Lion Heart
  • 02. You Think
  • 03. PARTY
  • 04. 어떤 오후 (One Afternoon)
  • 05. Show Girls
  • 06. Fire Alarm
  • 07. Talk Talk
  • 08. Green Light
  • 09. Paradise
  • 10. Check
  • 11. Sign
  • 12. 예감 (Bump It)

The first tune on here is the retro- inspired ” Lion Heart .” Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of retro, particularly anything that’s made to sound as if it were made before the 1960’s. It’s rare when it’s done right to my ears and most often fails to meet my expectations (MAMAMOO being the notable exception). Happily, ” Lion Heart” is another one of those exceptions. A piece of nicely-crafted sugary pop that easily stands with any of their previous hits. A line from the song should explain the title: “I wanna tame your heart that jumps around From here to there, Lion heart.”

Party” is a fun track. You only have to listen to the instrumental to find out how much the girls‘ voices add to it. This tasty pop confection serves up the sunshine, the autotune (at some points) pushing their voices up to childlike pitch. With a synth riff that bounces along with the vocals, it makes for an exuberant, fun time. It’s light, fluffy, and definitely easy on the ears.

Fire Alarm” reminds me more of an f (x) song than one from Girls’ Generation . Vocals give way to a pulsing bass line that eventually is abandoned for fuller instrumentation. Rinse, repeat. The girls’ vocals are pretty awesome here, at times undulating like a serpent responding to a fakir’s flute. A sweet and cool dance tune that describes the conflicting emotions about a guy.

Green Light” sounds really, really familiar, but I can’t place it. Regardless, it is pure Girls’ Generation: hooky and repetitive lyrics, very accessible tune, all the girls on point. Nothing not to like here. Using Korean word play they equate green and red lights with stopping them in love, not just in traffic.

They slow it down a bit for the next song, “Paradise,” a nice smooth, fluffy tune. It’s very smooth and relaxing, at the same time it is no way a ballad, with rapid synth washes and a pounding beat. Relating time with a lover to paradise, they’re saying they want to stay in the guy’s arms forever.

Bump It” starts out soft, but quickly progresses into a dance tune with synth slams and kickin’ tempo. The girls begin by chanting the main verses, but soon, it turns into more of bluesy tune, continuing where the chorus left off. It’s a pretty unique arrangement, but extremely catchy, and the girls really belt out their parts.

Check” represents a bit of a shift for the band to a more EDM-inspired sound. More controlled and more skillfully executed than ” Catch Me If You Can,” (IMHO) the girls croon while a synth lows in the background. This song is seriously hook-laden, lyrics like “ma-ya-ya-yan” (“man”) and “come here baby / So come and come and get me.” Further hooks include the chorus: “Lipstick Check, High Heels Check, Hair Style Check, Check Check Check, Smile check, Perfume check Sweetly Check Check Check” The song is an easy one to groove to, and a summer playlist must

Download Album Girls Generation SNSD Lion Heart MP3 Full

» Girls Generation (SNSD) – Lion Heart.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – You Think.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – PARTY.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – 어떤 오후 (One Afternoon).mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – Show Girls.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – Fire Alarm.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – Talk Talk.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – Green Light.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – Paradise.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – Check.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – Sign.mp3
» Girls Generation (SNSD) – 예감 (Bump It).mp3
»» [MV] Girls Generation (SNSD) – PARTY.mp4

Wrapping up, ‘ Lion Heart ‘ has a lot to recommend it. They cross some genres here, and it works well. They’ve flirted around the edges of techno for some time now, and here they fully embrace it. These are solid, catchy, hooky tunes that don’t wear out easily. There’s a reason these girls are on top, and ‘ Lion Heart ‘ is another jewel they can place on their crowns.
Review By eric_r_wirsing via AllKpop

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