[Full Album] Girls’ Day –  LOVE (Vol. 2) MP3

[Full Album] Girls’ Day – LOVE (Vol. 2) MP3

Download 2nd Album GIRLS DAY LOVE – Just in time for summer, Girl’s Day celebrates their fifth anniversary with their second LP ‘ Love‘! The album features 14 tracks, two-thirds of which are actually songs you’ve heard before. For the purposes of this review, we’ll be doing the first five. The other ones you’ve heard and are pretty kickin’ tracks. So how does the rest of the album hold up?

Download Girls Day LOVE 2nd album full mp3

Girl’s Day – LOVE [Second Album]
Artist: Girl’s Day (걸스데이)
Release Date: 2015.07.06
Genre: Dance
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Track List:
01. 나와 함께 (With Me)
02. 링마벨(Ring My Bell)
03. 마카롱 (Macaroon)
04. 천천히와 서 (Come Slowly)
05. 최고 여자 (Top Girl)
06. 달링 (Darling)
07. 휘파람 (Whistle)
08. 룩 앳 미 (Look At Me)
09. 썸씽 (Something)
10. Timing
11. 보고싶어 (I Miss You)
12. Show You
13. 헬로버블 (Hello Bubble)
14. 링마벨 (Ring My Bell) (Inst.)

Album Review

We kick off with “With Me,” a club banger that is definitely body-moving. Sort of a cross between “Expectation” and “Hug Me” with a bit of “Something ” thrown in, this song has a little more than you might expect. I love how the verses have a sense of anticipation, building to a chorus that shows off the girls‘ powerful vocals.

Not as excited about “Ring My Bell.” Of course, it achieved an all-kill, so what do I know? I can’t tell you if it was intentional, but the song sounds a lot like “Excuse Me” by BESTie . Long Candy and Duble Sidekick are credited on both songs, making me think this was far from accidental. Not a bad song overall, but also not the best on the album.

“Macaroon” is a bouncy track that has a neo-retro groove like we heard on ‘Everyday #4 .’ It starts with a blasting sax that we hear hints of throughout the song. Upbeat and playful, catchy and dancable, it is classic Girl’s Day.

The next track is a ballad, ” Come Slowly,” but it has sort of a mid-tempo beat to it. Like most of this band’s ballads, each girl manages to show an emotional range without losing control or getting overwrought. Silky and soothing, it’s a nice switch from the other higher-tempo tracks around it.

“Top Girl ” is the last new track and is a high-tempo discofied tune, probably the one I would have used as a single. It’s catchy, high-tempo, and really shows off the power of Minah ‘s pipes. High-energy and exciting in the vein of their previous mega hits, it’s a seriously awesome track.

Rounding out the last two thirds of the album are all previously released material. In case you didn’t get enough “Hello Bubble ” and “Something ” the first time you heard those tracks, now they’re all in one place.
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Download Mp3 Girls day love full album
Download Album GIRLS DAY LOVE (Vol.2) FULL MP3

☆☆ Music Video -> [MV] GIRL`S DAY – Ring My Bell(링마 벨).mp4
Girls Day – Ring My Bell (내 벨 반지).mp3
Girls Day – Come Slowly(천천히와 서).mp3
Girls Day – Macaroon (마카롱).mp3
Girls Day – Whistle (휘파람).mp3
Girls Day – Darling.mp3
Girls Day – Top Girl (최고 여자).mp3
Girls Day – With Me(나와 함께).mp3
Girls Day – 보고싶어 (I Miss You).mp3
Girls Day – Show You.mp3
걸스데이(Girls Day) – Timing.mp3
Girl`s Day (걸스데이) – Something.mp3
Girls Day – Look At Me.mp3
걸스데이 (Girl`s Day) – Hello Bubble.mp3
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I was a bit disappointed to find that this disc had mostly re-packaged tunes, but I shouldn’t be too surprised given their track record. Still, any new tune from Girl’s Day is a good thing to these ears, especially during the summer, and I can think of few better presents for my birthday. (review by allkpop member)

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