[Full Album] BTOB –  Complete (Mp3)

[Full Album] BTOB – Complete (Mp3)

Download Full Album BTOB Complete Mp3

BTOB – Complete – Album
Artist: 비투비 (BTOB)
Album : Complete
Genre : R&B / Soul, Ballad, Dance, Rap / Hip-hop
Release Date : 2015-06-29
Language : Korean
Bit Rate : MP3

Seven-member boy group BTOB have officially made it known that they will be making a comeback with their first-ever full-length album since debut at the end of this month!

On June 16, a teaser for the group’s upcoming comeback including details of the album was revealed through BTOB’s official Twitter account.
It has been announced that BTOB’s very first full-length album, titled “ Complete ,” will be dropping at midnight on June 29. The title track of this album is confirmed to be “ I’ts Okay ”.

It’s Okay” is said to be a R&B ballad ‘healing song’ with a sweet melody, as well as lyrics that capture the emotions of those who are tired and exhausted with nowhere to turn to in the midst of a busy life.
With member Yook Sungjae ‘s recent rise in public recognition and popularity, fans are expressing anticipation for the entire group’s return.

01. 비투비(BTOB) – Complete (Intro).mp3 (Intro)
02. 비투비(BTOB) – It`s Okay (괜찮아요).mp3
03. 비투비(BTOB) – You Live Well (너나 잘 살아).mp3
04. 비투비(BTOB) – One Man Show (북치고 장구치고).mp3
05. 비투비(BTOB) – Summer Romance.mp3
06. 비투비(BTOB) – My Friend`s Girlfriend (친구의 여자친구).mp3
07. 비투비(BTOB) – Her Over Flowers (꽃보다 그녀).mp3
08. 비투비(BTOB) – I Miss You (보고파).mp3
09. 비투비(BTOB) – Yo Ho Ho (어기여차 디여차).mp3
10. 비투비(BTOB) – Open.mp3
11. 비투비(BTOB) – 비밀 (Insane) (Acoustic Ver).mp3
12. 비투비(BTOB) – Shake It.mp3
13. 비투비(BTOB) – Everything`s Good – 일훈 Solo.mp3 (Outro)

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