Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 1-20

Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 1-20

Download Korean Drama Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 1-20 + English Subtitle Indonesia – Beast’s Beauty (Hangul : 미녀 공심이 / 美女孔心 / Mi-nyeo Gong-sim-i / Minyŏ Gongsimi) is a South Korean television series , starring Namkoong Min, Bang Minah, On Joo-wan and Seo Hyo-rim. It replaced Mrs. Cop 2 and airs on SBS on Saturdays and Sundays at 22:00 ( KST) for 20 episodes from May 14, 2016.

Gong Shim was born as a 2nd daughter to a family that always prioritizes their 1st daughter Gong Mi, due to her being a successful and beautiful lawyer. As a result, Gong Shim grows into a prickly and skeptical woman with inferiority complex. One day she meets Dan Tae, a quirky public defender with mysterious past. Dan Tae rents a rooftop apartment which formerly belonged to Gong Shim.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 1-20 ENG SUB INDO

Title: Beautiful Gong Shim / 미녀 공심이 / Minyeo Gongsimi
Also known as: Pretty Ugly | 야수의 미녀 / Yasuui Minyeo | Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim / Beast’s Beauty / Beauty of the Beast / The Emptiness of the Beast
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Family, Supernatural
Written by : Lee Hee-myung
Directed by : Baek Soo-chan, Nam Tae-jin
Starring : Namkoong Min, Bang Minah, On Joo-wan, Seo Hyo-rim
Country : South Korea
Language(s) : Korean
Episodes : 20
Producer(s) : Lee Seong-hoon
Running time : 60 minutes @EP
Production company(s) : The Story Works
Distributor : SBS
Original network : SBS
Original release : May 14, – Jul 17, 2016
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Synopsis Beautiful Gong Shim

Love story of two sisters and two men. The older sister has everything, including a beautiful appearance, and the younger sister only has a warm heart. One of the men lives on a rooftop apartment and the other man comes from a wealthy family.

Gong Shim (Bang Minah) always feel over-shadowed by her older sister Gong Mi (Seo Hyo-rim) due to the way the people around her treat the siblings. While Gong Mi always take the role of the “prettier” sister, Gong Shim, on the other hand, is the least fortunate. It starts in their household where their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gong, are always bickering about how the father could’t give a proper living for the family of four. The complications continue as Gong Mi, who works at a top-notch law firm, becomes the breadwinner of the family.

Mr. and Mrs. Gong are showing favoritism towards Gong Mi, and made Gong Shim fell into self-loathe and sorrow as she thinks of her ugliness as the main cause of her failure in life. Adding more salt to the wound, Gong Shim had to use all of her money to rent a room on the roof top of the rented-house her family is living in. All because her previous bedroom is being used as Gong Mi’s walk-in closet.

Having a plan of moving to Italy to pursue her dream of becoming an artist, Gong Shim rent her rooftop room for $250/month. This is when she met Ahn Dan-tae (Namkoong Min), a lawyer who works voluntarily for those in needs, despite his delinquent personality. Their first meeting didn’t go smoothly as they’re bickering over Gong Shim who accidentally dropped a plant and put Dan-tae in danger. Despite the tragedy, Dan-tae managed to rent the rooftop room and stayed for a few days.

As Dan-tae moved in to the rooftop room, the setting changed to a wealthy-looking Seok family in which the grandmother answered a mysterious phone call; mentioning the name of her long-lost grandchild, Seok Joon-pyo. In a shock, the grandmother’s daughter, son-in-law, and grandson Seok Joon-soo (On Joo-wan) gathered. The four people bickered on how the elderly should’ve just ignored the phone call, as the possibility of Joon-pyo (who’s kidnapped over 20 years ago) alive is almost zero. The grandmother got furious and blame her present grandson’s, Joon-soo, past birthday party as the cause of her loss of her son, daughter, and Joon-pyo. Ending the argument, the grandmother ordered Joon-soo to find out about the source of the mysterious phone call.

Stressed-out from his grandmother’s word, Joon-soo ended up getting himself drunk in a bar. On his way home, he bumped to a man and failed to apologize properly. The man and some of his friends, got in Joon-soo’s way in a parking lot. Upset at how Joon-soo acted earlier, he starts to beat Joon-soo for good measure. This is when Dan-tae, who got the call for a designated driver service from Joon-soo, stepped in and help Joon-soo by beating up all the men from the bar. Feeling thankful, Joon-soo started to befriend Dan-tae; and soon befriend Gong Shim as they live in the same building. –


  • Bang Minah as Gong Shim
  • Namkoong Min as Ahn Dan-tae / Seok Joon-pyo
  • Jo Yeon-ho as young Dan-tae
  • On Joo-wan as Seok Joon-soo
  • Seo Hyo-rim as Gong Mi
  • Oh Hyun-kyung as Joo Jae-boon
  • Woo Hyeon as Gong Hyuk
  • Jung Hye-sun as Nam Soon-cheon
  • Kyeon Mi-ri as Yeom Tae-hee
  • Kim Il-woo as Seok Dae-hwang
  • Kim Byeong-ok as Yeom Tae-cheol

Download Korean Drama Beautiful Gong Shim Ep 1-16 Eng Sub Indo

Download Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 1-20 English Subtitle Indonesia

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1. “Beautiful Gong Shim” takes over the SBS Saturday & Sunday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Mrs. Cop 2” and followed by “Second To Last Love” July, 2016.
2. Actress Baek Jin-Hee was first offered the lead female role, but declined.
3. Early working title was “Yasoowa Minyeo” (“The Beast and The Beauty“).
4. Namgung Min’s first lead acting role for a major broadcasting station.
5. Namgung Min previously worked with director Baek Soo-Chan and screenwriter Lee Hee-Myung in 2015 SBS drama series “The Girl Who Sees Smells.
6. First script reading took place April 13, 2016 at SBS Production Center in Ilsan, South Korea.

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