[4th Mini Album] AOA – Good Luck (MP3)

[4th Mini Album] AOA – Good Luck (MP3)

Download [Full Mini Album] AOA – Good Luck (MP3) is the fourth mini-album by South Korean girl group AOA, released on May 16, 2016 by FNC Entertainment. The song of the same name was used as the lead single for the album.

On April 2016, FNC Entertainment launched the band’s official comeback with the fourth mini-album Good Luck and title-track “Good Luck“. The track is described as a ‘sexy pop’ dance track with elements of hip-hop, rock, and R&B.

Teasers featuring each of the members for their music video were released from May 12 to 14, 2016. On May 16, the song’s music video were released online and through the Naver V App.
Member Shin Jimin participated in the lyrics writing of ’10 Second’, ‘Crazy Boy’ and ‘Still Falls The Rain’.

[4th Mini Album] AOA - Good Luck (MP3)

[Full Mini Album] AOA – Good Luck (MP3)
Artist: AOA (Ace of Angels / 에이오에이)
Album: Good Luck
Release Date: 2016.05.16
Genre: Dance
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Track List:

01. Good Luck
02. 10 Seconds
03. Cherry Pop
04. Crazy Boy
05. Still Falls The Rain

Download [4th Mini Album ] AOA – Good Luck Mp3 Full

Full Size: 42.4 MB
Track #1 AOA – Good Luck.mp3
Track #2 AOA – 10 Seconds.mp3
Track #3 AOA – Cherry Pop.mp3
Track #4 AOA – Crazy Boy.mp3
Track #5 AOA – Still Falls The Rain.mp3

AOA was one of the groups where i couldn’t get into their B-side tracks no matter what, but this album changes everything, whole time i was listening i felt like “i like this song, this song too and this!” then i noticed it was over.

Good Luck: A little sudden on the intro, but by far AOA’s cleanest-sounding main track since Miniskirt. 4.5/5
10 Seconds: I feel like AOA sung this one really well, but the mixing kind of covers up a lot of their singing. It’s a nice, summery, vaguely sad song, but it doesn’t wow. 3.5/5
Cherry Pop: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 5/5
Crazy Boy: Unexpected, actually — a little funky, a whole heck of a lot smooth. Still really loud on the backing instrumental, but unlike 10 Seconds, the backing instrumental is interesting enough to not be detracting. 4/5
Still Falls the Rain: Honestly, I was expecting a dreary, sleepy ballad, but AOA really pulls this off, and Jimin’s rap sounds fantastic. Plays off Crazy Boy pretty well, too. 4.5/5

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