[3rd Mini Album] GOT7 – JUST RIGHT (MP3)

[3rd Mini Album] GOT7 – JUST RIGHT (MP3)

Download Album GOT7 Just Right MP3The time is Just Right for a GOT7 comeback! The JYP group’s third mini- album features six tracks whose genres cover southern hip-hop, R&B and ballad. Park Jin Young wrote the lyrics for the album’s title song “Just Right”.

Download Ep GOT7 Just Right Mini Album vol.3 mp3 full

GOT7 – Just Right [3rd Mini Album]
Artist: 갓세븐(GOT7)
Release Date: 2015.07.13
Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop, Dance, R&B / Soul
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

From the teaser, I expected ‘Just Right‘ to be just another summer pop song filled with colourful visuals but it is so much more than that. In addition to the catchy tune and cute choreography, the meaningful and refreshing lyrics send a powerful message to all listeners.

The music video starts off with the instrumentals of ‘ She’s A Monster ‘ off of GOT7 ‘s previous album but quickly transitions into the upbeat squeaking sound from the teaser video. Like always, the rap and melody flow flawlessly into each other while accompanying the addictive chorus. I love the pastel colours used in the music video and the concept of miniature GOT7 members.

Album Track List :
01. 딱 좋아 (Just right) *Title
02. 보름달이 뜨기 전에
03. 온몸이 반응해
04. Nice
05. Mine
06. Back To Me
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Download Album GOT7 Just Right Mp3

갓세븐(GOT7) – Just Right (딱 좋아).mp3
갓세븐(GOT7) – 보름달이 뜨기 전에.mp3
갓세븐(GOT7) – My Whole Body is Reacting(온몸이 반응해).mp3
갓세븐(GOT7) – Nice.mp3
갓세븐(GOT7) – Mine.mp3
갓세븐(GOT7) – Back To Me.mp3
☆☆ [MV] GOT7 – Just Right.mp4
[Album] INFINITE – Reality
[Album] Girls Day – Love

The main message of the song is stated early on in one of the first lines—”You don’t need to change a thing… You look perfect the way you are.” The whole song reiterates this line using different examples throughout, encouraging the main female character in the music to become more confident with who she is. This is a message not often heard in the Korean entertainment industry as it is undeniably very appearance focused. Most pop songs released don’t touch upon the issue of positive body image and loving who you are. I believe it’s a really positive and inspiring message that anyone can benefit from—no matter your age,  gender, ethnicity or nationality.

Fans are also taking the opportunity to spread awareness through the “Just Right Selfie Project.” Everyone is encouraged to tweet about their insecurities but ending the message with “But I know I’m #JUSTRIGHT.” Even though you may not be a GOT7 fan, it’s a great campaign to spread the positive message! ( http://kpopme.com/musicmv-review-got7-encourages-loving-yourself-because-youre-just-right/ )

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