[3rd Mini Album] AOA –  Heart Attack (Mp3)

[3rd Mini Album] AOA – Heart Attack (Mp3)

AOA – Heart Attack (Hangul : 심쿵해) is the third mini-album by South Korean girl group AOA , released on June 22, 2015 by FNC Entertainment . The song of the same name was used as the lead single for the album.

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AOA (Korean : 에이오에이; an acronym for Ace of Angels) is a South Korean idol girl group signed under FNC Entertainment . The eight-member band consists of Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Youkyung, Chanmi, Hyejeong , Seolhyun , and Mina, the seven-member idol group consists of all the members except Youkyung. The group debuted their single album Angels’ Story on July 30, 2012. All ELVIS celebrate August 9, 2012 as their Debut Day in celebration for their 1st Debut stage while in Japan, October 1, 2014 is their official Japan debut and also declared #AOADay by Japan Anniversary Association.

AOA – Heart Attack (심쿵해)
Release Date: 2015.06.22
Genre: Dance
Language: Korean
Length: 20:34
Label: FNC Entertainment
Producer: Brave Brothers
Bit Rate: MP3 – 128kbps-320kbps

AOA will start their Korean promotions with a showcase on June 22 at AX Korea. The promotion of  “Heart Attack” began June 25 on the show M! Countdown . The song was also promoted on the shows, Music Bank , Music Core and Inkigayo.

Japanese and Chinese version On June 17, 2015 was revealed that AOA will release a Japanese and Chinese version of “Heart Attack”. “Heart Attack” will be released in Chinese in early July through Baidu Music, Sina Music, and QQ Music.

The Japanese version will be released in Japan as a single on July 29, 2015 and AOA will film a separate music video for it. The single will be released in eleven different versions: two limited CD+DVD editions, two limited CD+Photobook editions and seven limited CD only editions, one edition per member.

Track List

01. 심쿵해 (Heart Attack)
02. Luv Me
03. 들어와 (Come To Me)
04. 한 개 (One Thing)
05. 진짜 (Really Really)
06. Chocolate
MV Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pBgMBBsv4k

Download Album Heart Attack by AOA

에이오에이(AOA) – Heart Attack (심쿵해).mp3
에이오에이(AOA) – Luv Me.mp3
에이오에이(AOA) – Come To Me (들어와).mp3
에이오에이(AOA) – One Thing (한 개).mp3
에이오에이(AOA) – Really Really (진짜).mp3
에이오에이(AOA) – Chocolate.mp3

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