[2nd Mini Album] Kyuhyun –  Fall, Once Again (Mp3 Full)

[2nd Mini Album] Kyuhyun – Fall, Once Again (Mp3 Full)

Download Mini Album Kyuhyun Fall, Once Again Mp3 – Super Junior ‘s Kyuhyun charmed us last year with his solo debut mini-album and the ballad “At Gwanghwamun.” He’s back with a new mini-album, ‘Fall, Once Again,’ full of touching ballads and just in time for a solo concert in SM Entertainment ‘s ‘The Agit ‘ series. The album includes the title song “A Million Pieces” and the Kyuhyun -composed piece ” Ways To Say Goodbye .”

Download Kyuhyun Super junior fall one again the 2nd mini album mp3

[Mini Album] KYUHYUN (Super Junior) – Fall, Once Again (Mp3)
Album: Fall, Once Again (다시, 가을이 오면) – The 2nd Mini Album
Label: SM Entertainment
Release Date: 2015.10.15
Genre: Ballad
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps – 128kbps HQ

Tenderly sung, Kyuhyun reins in his voice for “A Million Pieces,” which makes it work better in my opinion. It brings a soft emotion to the track and works nicely with the message of the lyrics. I don’t think it’s as lyrically evocative as ” At Gwanghwamun ,” but it’s still pretty. The message is upbeat, singing to a girl he loves, saying he can’t live without her.

Track List:
01. 밀리언조각 (A Million Pieces)
02. 좋은사람 (Remember Me)
03. 긴 팔 (Autumn Sleeves)
04. 피아노 숲 (Piano Forest)
05. 그냥 보고 싶어 그래 (Because I Miss You)
06. 바람 (Wind)
07. 안녕의 방식 (Ways To Say Goodbye)

Download Album Kyuhyun Fall, Once Again Mp3

A Million Pieces – the main tract of the mini-album. It brings a soft emotion to the track and works nicely with the message of the lyrics.
Kyuhyun – A Million Pieces (밀리언조각).mp3

Remember Me” starts out as a pensive track. The bulk of the track is warm and quiet, but towards the end treads into power ballad territory with pleading vocals telling us all about love and loss. The lyrics talk about a girl who left him, but he still loves her and asks her to remember him.
Kyuhyun – Remember Me (좋은사람).mp3

Autumn Sleeves” is a guitar-driven track, and Kyuhyun gently describes the scene to us in his comforting voice. The tension builds in the end, his vocals changing to yearning and wounded. The song is about finding a sweater in the closet, bringing back painful memories.
Kyuhyun – Autumn Sleeves (긴 팔).mp3

The more uptempo “Piano Forest” is a nice little ditty. It more properly belongs in the soft rock realm and wouldn’t have been out of place on ’70s radio. His vocals give you a bittersweet feeling. The song has very evocative lyrics, appealing to the five senses, evoking the feeling of walking on the dry and colorful leaves of autumn.
Kyuhyun – Piano Forest (피아노 숲).mp3

Because I Miss You” is a wistful and sincere piece, and the piano accompaniment is very understated. Kyuhyun ‘s clear voice is very soothing here, and we almost see him penning a tear-stained love letter to a lost love. The lyrics are pretty unambiguous on this point: nostalgia dominates his heart and thoughts, and he just wants to see her today.
Kyuhyun – Because I Miss You(그냥 보고 싶어 그래).mp3

The sixth track, ” Wind,” is a very stripped- down number. A piano and acoustic guitar are his only companions on this song. His voice is occasionally angst-ridden, and it sounds like he misses his lover very much. It’s smooth and soul-baring, and what we’ve come to expect from Kyuhyun . The wind brings a familiar scent to his nostrils, the scent of a lover who is only a memory.
Kyuhyun – Wind (바람).mp3

Ways To Say Goodbye” is the final track, penned by Kyuhyun himself. It starts out slower than the other tracks, but it soon picks up a lot of production backing him, with orchestral flourishes and even a beat. He uncages his voice on the last half of the tune, and it soars like a freed bird. He is telling a lover that he’s back, if she wants him.
Kyuhyun – Ways To Say Goodbye(안녕의 방식).mp3

Kyuhyun Fall, Once Again – One of the things that’s so impressive about the album is that Kyuhyun uses no English words on this album. Too many artists insert an English word or phrase here and there, and too often it sounds weird or awkward. Not so in this case. Kyuhyun ‘s delivery is flawless, and the songs are by turns soothing and moving. His quiet tenor matches the emotions of the songs quite well. This is the perfect album to pair up with some percolating coffee and a blanket; let this album keep you warm this autumn.

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