[2nd Album] Apink – Pink Memory (Mp3)

[2nd Album] Apink – Pink Memory (Mp3)

Download Album APink Pink Memory MP3 – A Pink is back with a refreshing music video for “ Remember ,” the title track off their second full-length album “Pink Memory.” “Remember” is an easy summer dance track composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Beom & Nang, with whom A Pink worked previously with on hits “NoNoNo” and “Luv.”

Download Album Apink pink memory full mp3 remember mv

[Album] Apink – Pink Memory
Artist: Apink (에이핑크)
Release Date: 2015.07.16
Genre: Dance
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

A Pink has done it again! They’ve released another sweet, sweet song for their summer comeback with their signature 90’s sound.
Remember” starts off with a nice music box instrumental and simple vocals before erupting into their bubbly, cheery style of music. There’s a relaxing sound to it like a refreshing breeze to keep you cool in a warm summer.

Track List

01. Remember
02. Perfume
03. 끌려
04. Dejavu
05. 꽃잎점 (Petal Point)
06. What A Boy Wants
07. I DO
08. 신기하죠 (It’s Amazing Right)
09. Remember (Inst.)
10. 새끼손가락 (Promise U)
☆☆ [1st Mini Album] HARA (KARA) – ALOHARA (Can You Feel It?)

Download Album Apink Pink Memory MP3

에이핑크(Apink) – Rembember.mp3
에이핑크(Apink) – Perfume.mp3
에이핑크(Apink) – Attracted (끌려).mp3
에이핑크(Apink) – Dejavu.mp3
에이핑크(Apink) – Petal Point (꽃잎점).mp3
에이핑크(Apink) – What A Boy Wants.mp3
에이핑크(Apink) – I DO.mp3
에이핑크(Apink) – Its Amazing, Right (신기하죠).mp3
에이핑크(Apink) – Promise U (새끼손가락).mp3
☆☆ [MV] Apink – Remember.mp4
[Mini Album] SISTAR – Shake It

In tandem with the music video release, A Pink has also dropped via online sites their entire album “Pink Memory,” which consists of a self-composition by member Eunji , lyrics by Park Chorong and Oh Hayoung, and more.

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